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Are you working from home today? Konrad texted Elias.
I am. What’s up?
Can I come over during your lunch break? 
Sure. Bring some Vietnamese food, I’ll pay you back. Elias texted back
Konrad agreed.

He came over, knocked.
“Come in!” Elias called.
Konrad did and set the food on the side table. “Hey Elias.”
Elias came out of his office. “Hey there.”
“Heeey. I’m glad you’re free today.”
“Always nice to see you.” They exchanged a kiss, but it wasn’t a peck. Konrad pushed to deepen it.
“Woah,” Elias breathed. “I guess you are happy to see me. Do you need more than lunch sweetheart?” 
Konrad nodded sheepishly and plucked at Elias’s shirt.
“Come here.” 
They exchanged a deeper kiss. Elias pushed his hand up Konrad’s shirt. Konrad’s hand drifted south to cup Elias between the legs. Konrad began to feel warm. 
“Ok, ok sweetheart. Let’s not do this by the door. Come to my bedroom, I’ll take care of you.” 
“I’m so horny,” Konrad whimpered.
Elias chuffed at the pitiful tone in his voice. “I’ll fix that.” Elias had a feeling this was going to a long lunch – but a welcome distraction from spreadsheets. 

Captions are fictional.


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