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I wipe my hand on a towel and check my phone. “Oh, my boyfriend is stopping by to bring us the cooler I left upstairs before he goes out.”
“Oh? I finally get to meet the Slutty Wonder?” Rob asks.
“Yep. He’s a gift, I tell you. A little unusual, but man…” I let out a low whistle. “This is all new for me, and I’m obsessed. I’ve never wanted someone so bad, so often. I feel like my dick is out all the time. Well half the time he’s pulling out, but man. He’s a treasure.”
“I can’t wait to see this.”
I grin. We hang out in the corner of the pool for minute until I see the gate open. “Oh there he is. Mikey! Over here.”
I watch Rob. “What the…” Rob puts his hands on the edge of the pool and leans forward.
“Mikey~” I step up and wave.
“Hey sweetie! Where do you want the cooler?”
“You can bring it here.”
Mikey trots over in his pumps to where our stuff is. He sets the cooler in reach.
“Yep, thank you. May I get a kiss before I go?”
“Sure thing, babe.”
I step up on the ledge of the pool so I can rise to meet his lips. We exchange a soft kiss.
Mikey pulls back. “Oh good I didn’t get any lipstick on you. It really is waterproof!”
“I told you to pay a little extra for the good stuff. Oh, Mikey, this is Rob.”
Mikey waves. “Hi darling. Heard a lot about you.”
“Uh hi. Nice to meet you.” Mikey blinks.
“You should come over for dinner sometime. For now though, I left you guys some fruit salad and some chicken pasta salad in the fridge for when you’re done in the pool.” Mikey moves his purse from his elbow up to his shoulder.
“Thank you sweetheart. Very kind.”
“Of course! The watermelon so good, you’ll love it. Well, I’ll be out with Grace for a couple hours, we’re gonna grab lunch, do a bit of shopping, take her dog to the spa. If you want me to pick up anything on the way home let me know.”
“Will do. Have a fun afternoon with Grace.”
“Should be fun! See you later darling, remember to reapply sunscreen.”
“Yes honey. Take care now. Bye~”
“Byyee. Nice to meet you Rob.” MIkey winks at us along with wave of manicured fingers and leaves us be.

Rob watches us go. “Woah. That – that’s Mikey?”
“I could see up his skirt. That was a tiny thong stretched over everything. Was it silk?”
“You get to fuck that sweet piece of ass all the time?”
“God you lucky son of a bitch. He’s so cute.
I can’t help but squeal a little. “He’s IS. And dainty. I mean, for being nearly six feet tall in heels. And he’s always puttering around in the condo in these cute outfits, doing all this domestic stuff, listening to his vinyl…I could just watch him all day. I could watch the paint dry on his nails even. I’m totally smitten.”
“I’ve never thought I’d be rethinking my opinion of boys in skirts but here I am,” Rob mutters and sat on the step of the pool.
“Yeah, me neither. I love being able to grab his ass and feel skin, or just like, push the fabric up, pull the thong aside, and get access right to that pussy. Once I made him go out with any underwear on as a punishment for something.”
Rob gasps. “No one noticed?”
“It was a longer skirt. But he got hard very quickly. It was a lot of fun. I finished him off in the parking lot with my hand. He’d never had an orgasm in a semi-public space before. Very sexy.”
Rob lets out a low whistle. “I’m starting to get some ideas of new ways to torment my houseboy.”
“I could write you a novel, Rob. But I will tell you that as long as you want to keep your boy interested and happy, you’ll easily find an opportunity to do so.”

Rob just nods. “Does he go to work, like that?”
"Sort of. Men’s slacks, women’s blouses, mostly. A lot of colors and patterns. They get a lot of clients who are sort of unsure how to react to him, so he tones it down so it’s not distracting.”
“Ah, makes sense. Sucks it’s still like that.”
I sigh. “Yeah.But if I get home before he does, he lets me watch as he changes. It’s got upsides.”
“You are such an optimist.”
“I have a lot of reasons to be.”

Rob smirks and we share a fist pump. “Beer time? I feel warm all of a sudden…”
I reach for the cooler and sigh. “Yeah me too. Beer time for sure.” I pass him a can and we pop ours open. I raise mine. “Cheers to the Slutty Wonder?”
“Cheers.” We clink them together and drink.
Rob glances at his can. “Oh this is from a local brewery too! He has good taste in beer? Is Mikey real or did I hallucinate him?”
“Well Rob, if I am hallucinating Mikey, don’t wake me up!

Captions are fictional.


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