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Herkese bir Pencere lazım, önünde oturup her şeyi Unutabileceği.

Zekai Özger…

Cinder took a seat near the window to darn socks in bright light. He worked often from sun up to sun down for his step family no matter the time of the year or weather; even at rest, he worked. Cinder had little money to go anywhere else. What money he did have, he often spent on books. Cinder gazed at the vibrant lake below and followed the shoreline around to the eastern side. He was looking for a man in a red coat amongst little blobs of white. Cinder spotted him on the hill side and smiled. Cinder did not wave, as the man could not see him this far away. Cinder had a feeling though he was looking his way anyway. He smiled as he began to work on the wool sock in his hand.

The window to his room would not be locked tonight. The door to his room would be.

Captions are fictional.


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