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“Hey, HEY. Petri, don’t touch him. No. No he’s mine. Just because he used to be a whore doesn’t mean he still is. He belongs to me now, he isn’t group property. If you want someone, go mess with one of Anton’s boys.”
“Everyone is going to think he’s one of Anton’s boys.”
“Give it a week. Everyone knows if they touch him without my consent he’s going to tell me, and I’ll cut their dicks off. The boy is my pet, leave him be.”
Petri rolled his eyes. “If you parade such a pretty thing around here, people are going to assume he’s a whore. It’s dangerous.”
“He’s not a whore. He’s my pet. I’ll put a cute collar on him or something.”
Petri scoffed. “Like that will help. Where did you find him anyway?”
“A brothel.”
“Not a whore, huh?”
“Nope. A houseboy in a whore house, so to speak.”
“You found a houseboy in a whore house?” Petri shook his head and clicked his tongue. “Did it occur to you it may be because he’s not a very good house boy?”
“It’s because he got tricked into co-signing a loan someone else defaulted on. He’s actually a good houseboy. I mean, besides how good he is in bed. You know that pedo we killed last week? He got the blood out of my sweater.”
Petri looks at the young man. “Did he? You were rather upset about that sweater.”
“I was. Looks new. I have no idea how he did it. So I’m keeping him.”
Petri considers the boy. “Can he wash stuff for me?”
Vlad looks over his shoulder at the boy who nods. “Yeah. But he’s going to charge you.”
Vlad chuckled. “Throw me a beer would you?”
“Have your houseboy do it!” Petri laughed.
Vlad snorted and flipped him off.

Captions are fictional.


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