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Carlos ran to grab the phone. “Hello?”
“Hey babe.”
“Hiii Johnny. How’s work?”
“I swear the view is the only reason I stay here.”
“Not good huh.” Carlos moved the bag on the chair and sat down.
“So annoying. But like, my co-worker’s girlfriend came to pick him up for lunch, and the receptionist was like confused because another girl came two days ago, and she let that slip, and there was a huge fight. And I’m just calling to let you know I love you a lot, and I’m feeling really smug that it’s not us.”
Carlos laughed. “Smug that your secret homosexual love life is better than the straights as theirs goes down in flames?”
Exactly. Especially because my co-worker has made some snide comments about our ~lifestyle~. He deserves getting caught.”
“Being attracted to you definitely isn’t a lifestyle, Johnny. I had no choice in the matter. I was completely helpless.”
“You poor thing,” Johnny said dryly. “Must be hard being under duress.”
“Well,” Carlos said, “The hard thing is definitely true. I was out shopping – I finally found a tie to match that odd colored shirt I found at the thrift store, but the salesman at the store was so hot that I’ve been just like turned on since then. I’m really impatient for you to get home. I’m just pacing around in my underwear.”
Johnny made a frustrated noise into his hand. “How can you say things like that casually when I’m stuck here for the afternoon, Carlos.”
“Why don’t you take a long lunch?” Carlos asked with eagerness in his voice. “I’ll send a taxi. Tell your boss the fight was disruptive to your focus and you’re taking a break until the air is cleared.”
There was silence on the phone. When Johnny spoke his voice was in a low whisper. “Are you suggesting I skip out on work to come home and have sex”?
“That is exactly what I’m suggesting. Selfishly, of course.” Carlos was now pacing with the phone cord wrapped around his fingers.
“Is that in line with our lifestyle?” Johnny asked.
“Absolutely it is. We must keep up with the standards.”
Johnny giggled. “We must. I shouldn’t have a problem grabbing a taxi on 5th ave this time of day. Be home soon. And be ready.”
“Goddamn do I love you.”
“Love you more.”

Carlos hung up the phone. “Holy crap I can’t believe that worked. I am a lucky man.”

As bizarre as it was to see Johnny show up to their condo mid-day in his work clothes, it was even stranger to send him back to work freshly showered and freshly fucked. Carlos got nothing done for the rest of the day thinking about it – tossing Johnny’s jacket over the chair, yanking down his slacks, doing it right there over the dining room table. Redressing him after a quick shower. Sending him back to work with an interesting gait to his step and kiss swollen lips. Carlos didn’t even mind having to do the clean up himself. Having a secret homosexual love life could be a blast.

Captions are fictional.


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