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Joseph made a soft groan as he awoke. The pillow was really hard. He lifted his head to see he’d fallen asleep on Dominic’s shoulder. Joseph drank in the luxury of seeing shirtless Dominic first thing in the morning. Joseph ran his palm up Dominic’s sternum. Joseph shifted and was reminded he was going to be a little sore. Joseph liked how it felt to know he wasn’t a virgin anymore. He was no longer a boy, but a man.
They’d rented a hotel room last night – by themselves! – using Dominic’s credit card. They ate out at nice Italian restaurant. No one gave them a second look holding hands together.
Joseph carefully turned and looked over his shoulder. The sun-washed city was spread out into the infinite horizon in the long, narrow gap between the open drape panels. Joseph decided he liked New York City a lot. He liked the idea of making it part of his future. A man in front of him, the city behind him. Couldn’t be a more perfect way to start every day.

Joseph resumed cuddling Dominic’s body. Dominic cracked an eye. “Hey,” he croaked.
“Sleep well?”
“Mmhm. You?”
“Amazing,” Dominic exhaled.

After a moment, Dominic spoke again. “Did we really have sex last night? Or did I dream it?”
“I hope it wasn’t a dream. I tried to get up. Doesn’t feel like it was a dream.”
“You can feel it? Did I hurt you?”
“No… it feels nice. Reminds me it’s real.” Joseph squeezed Dominic’s torso.
Dominic turned his head toward Joseph and kissed his forehead. “I’ll remember how your body felt for the rest of my life. It was just amazing. Thank you for uh, doing that. With me, I mean.”
Joseph chuffed. “You’re welcome? I mean, I wouldn’t have wanted it to be anyone else.”

Dominic smiled. “I hate that we have to check out in a couple hours and go home.”
“Well, just because we check out doesn’t mean we don’t have to go home. We still gotta get bagels for breakfast. And we have the whole day ahead of us. The city is ours.”
“Why Joseph, I think you are right. Can we lay here a little while longer though? This is nice.”
“This is nice,” Joseph agreed. “And I’m quite comfy.”
Dominic nuzzled him. “Good. Just a while longer.”
“Then can we shower together?”
“Uhh yeah. I like that idea a lot.”

Captions are fictional.


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