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Derrick can’t help but watch. If they didn’t want him to watch, Royce would have taken Nathaniel back inside. Derrick thought Royce had good technique. Nate was positioned squarely over his lap, on his tip toes, butt high in the air. No doubt Royce had Nathaniel’s cock trapped between his solid thighs. Each smack of Royce’s hand on that round bare ass was firm and hit the same spot, the bounciest part of those cheeks, over and over. Nathaniel began to squirm and his cries of protest grew with each smack. Derrick didn’t envy him. Nathaniel had burned the first round of meat on the grill because he was distracted on his phone, so it was an appropriate punishment.

Royce was counting to himself. Nathaniel began to tremble with each strike as the spanking continued on. “Two more now, boy. Two. One.” Nathaniel keened and twisted in Royce’s lap. “Good boy.” Royce caressed those plump cheeks.
“I’m sorry Sir!” Nathaniel said.
“I’m pleased to hear it boy. Finish yourself off now.”
Derrick wondered what Royce meant by that. Then he saw Nathaniel dig his toes into the ground and work his hips up and down. Derrick got it. Royce wanted to Nathaniel to cum between his thighs. That was spicy. Derrick licked his lips. He could see the pink glow of that freshly spanked ass and the bubblegum pink of Nathaniel’s balls between his legs. Nathaniel was awkwardly humping Royce’s lap as fast as he could. Derrick bit his lip, unable to look away. Nathaniel shuddered. There was an audible moan and the boy went limp.

Derrick was starting to get stiff and wished it had gone on longer cause he could have easily masturbated to that. Derrick watched Royce help Nathaniel to his feet. Royce stood up too and hugged him with those big bear arms, despite the mess between his thighs. They rocked as they embraced, Royce whispering things into Nathaniel’s ear. Ok, that was pretty sweet. They fit together like puzzle pieces.

They walked into the house together, Royce’s arm around Nathaniel. Royce needed to clean up. Nathaniel needed some some cooling salve. When they came out, Nathaniel had the rest of the uncooked meat on a plate in his hands, but his phone wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Derrick put his sunglasses back on and went back to sunbathing. He tucked that pretty scene into his spank bank for later. Real life was always better than porn.

Captions are fictional. I seriously don’t know why all these Speedo esque pictures are showing up on my dashboard suddenly, but they make for some good captions…


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