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Angel leaned his head against the wall. He’d snuck off for a moment to catch his breath. The afternoon had peaked and sun was on its way down, which meant the heat of the day had finally broken. Angel loved when Sir threw pool parties and being a perfect host, but he was worn out! So many men to check on, cocks to stroke, so many drinks to refill, trash to empty, and snacks to refresh that he hadn’t even been in the pool. Of course, everyone had their hands all over him and his ass, which normally Angel loved. He was an attention whore, and he knew it. But this experiment with staying locked in chastity longer wasn’t working, and he just felt frustrated and sore and sweaty in the most uncomfortable way. He’d have to talk to Sir about it after everyone left.

Angel heard footsteps and raised his head. “Ah, Sir.” He stood in first position, hands behind his back.
“At ease love. What are you doing over here?”
“Taking a breather Sir.”
“Are you alright? Here drink this, I made you a drink with some of that electrolyte powder you keep for club nights.”
Angel looked relieved. “Thank you so much Sir.” He took it and sipped it. “Oh I needed this.”
Master Dameon looked pleased. A smile pushed his mustache up and crinkled the fine lines around his eyes. “Here. Let’s go inside where it’s cool and you can sit down. You’ve worked really hard today. I’m proud of you.” Master Dameon put an arm around Angel and walked him through the side door into the house.
Angel blushed. “I wanted to make you proud Sir.”
“You did great. All the guys rave about you.”
Angel turned red. “I’m flattered, Sir. It’s because you trained me well.”
“Don’t give me all the credit, I couldn’t do anything without your natural talents and extroverted personality. How is your chastity device feeling?”
“Sore. It’s not working, Sir,” Angel admitted softly. He sipped and set the glass down on the kitchen counter. “I think I’ve been in too long. I know we were a little bored with our previous schedule, but this change isn’t working. I feel so uncomfortable and full. Just achy.
Sir cupped Angel’s face in both hands, forcing Angel to look at him. “Thank you for letting me know. I’m sorry you’re uncomfortable. Do you need to be unlocked now? Or can you wait until everyone leaves and I can spoil you with some release?”
Angel perked up. “Oh, I’d like to be spoiled Sir.”
Master Dameon kissed him. “Then you’ll be spoiled. Sit here for a few minutes and finish drinking the electrolytes. I’ll finish up the party, you can either stay in here or have a dip in the pool.”
“Thank you Sir.” They exchanged another kiss.

Master Dameon walked outside to check on his guests. Two of them were making out on one of his chaise lounge chairs. The others were hanging out in chairs in the shade, some watching them, some talking amongst themselves and snacking on things. One named Adam came up to Dameon.
“Well, it looks like you’re gonna have some stains to get out of that lounge chair.”
Dameon glanced at the couple. “Well. They’ve had some tension for a while, so it’s nice they’ve cut through that. Angel or I can power wash it later.”
Adam nodded. “Where did Angel get off too? Is he ok?”
“Yeah he just needed a break. He was a bit dehydrated.”
“He was working hard today. Like a hummingbird.”
Dameon stroked his moustache. “He loves parties, but sometimes he forgets to check on himself. So I check on him.”
Adam nibbled on a chip. “You know, we were talkin’ about how your ability to know what’s going on with Angel is uncanny. It’s like you have a psychic connection with him.”
It was Dameon’s turn to blush. “He shows his feelings easily.”
“No, you two just have a bond. It’s a beautiful thing.”
“Thank you Adam. That means a lot.”
“It’s true. You can tell, because you have him strutting out wearing basically string with that gorgeous body on display, but there’s no question he’s not up for grabs.”

As if on cue, Angel walked out of the kitchen. Dameon and Adam looked up at the beautiful sight of a tanned young man wearing only a shiny metal sleeve around his shaft. His balls were full and pink. Angel threw his speedo at Dameon that was balled up in his hand. Dameon caught it. Angel smirked and dove into the pool.
“Woah,” Adam muttered. “That is a power bottom.”
Dameon took a minute to speak and watched Angel do laps. “I am going to do very dirty things to him as soon as everyone leaves,” he said in a low voice.
Adam chuckled. “Well, I guess we should leave.” They were interrupted by a keen from the other side of the pool where the couple making out had been rocking together. Adam raised a finger. “Ok now, the party is over.”

Captions are fictional.


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