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Ryan stood under the cold spray of the outdoor shower and thought. The shock of the water temperature on this summer day mixed with the post-nut clarity lead him to feeling ashamed of himself. Ryan, seriously – you let the farrier fuck you? That guy? He’s old enough to be your dad almost. And he’s not even that hot. That was a bit slutty of you. You don’t need to be laid that badly do you? Ryan ran his hands over his face. Do I? It was two weeks since the last one, when I hooked up with that Grindr guy passing through town. Usually I can last a month. Maybe it’s cause it’s hot and everyone’s shirtless. Ryan was not convincing himself. Mostly because it felt pretty good to get laid, and Ryan knew he needed more of it. He could not deny that.

Ryan turned off the water and shook off the droplets. It would be another six weeks before the farrier came back to the ranch. Is this going to become a steady thing? Ryan wondered. He liked the idea of having a steady fuck, even if it was the farrier. Six weeks was still a long time to be considered “steady” in most places, but out here in the middle of nowhere that was still considered pretty lucky.

Ryan sighed and toweled off his muscles. God, if he could get laid once a week – maybe twice a week! – that would be heaven. Ryan glanced up and realized his horse Marcy was staring at him on the other side of the fence. She’d not seen him naked before. Ryan pointed a finger at her. “Don’t get any ideas. Also, can you go find me a prince? Thanks.” She snorted and walked off.
Ryan sighed. He needed a man. In the old days you could just place an ad in the paper for a “country husband”. “Country slut needs gay ranchhand” would not work. Ryan was gonna have to get creative. Now he’d been freshly fucked, all he was gonna think about for a while was getting his next dick. This was a problem that could not be solved by a trip to the feed store.

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