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“Dude, are you crazy? I wouldn’t take money to sleep with you. I don’t need money, remember we just had this conversation about my dad? Kind of insulting you’d think of paying me like a prostitute or something.”
Craig leaned against the counter. “So it’s settled then. You’ll let me fuck you for free.”
“What? That’s not what I said!” John insisted.
“Yeah you said you wouldn’t take money to sleep with me. It’s gonna be another hour until Brad gets here to sell you weed, so yeah you got an hour to kill and I’d love a free fuck out of a walking pair of abs like you.”
John snorted. “A walking pair of abs? Jesus dude you need new material. And I never agreed to sleep with you.”
“What would be your price then? The threshold of how much money it would take to let me fuck you.”
John looked at Craig. “$10,000″
“Not $15k?”
“Or $20?”
John thought about what to say.
“There’s a fun bit about the human brain.” Craig chuckled. “There’s definitely a difference between not enough and too much, but if you try to find the actual numerical line of where it crosses over it’s nearly impossible.”
John furrowed his brow. “Yeah I guess. But in this case, there a limit to how much you can pay right? How much you have, could borrow, etc. I could just keep going higher until you run out of money or decide it’s not worth the cost of it.”
“That’s true. But I asked you what it would cost to fuck you. I didn’t ask you to find the value of your ass in my budget – unless you’re concerned about that, which means you’re considering.”
“I am not considering anything!”
Craig laughed. “Right.” Craig scratched the inside of his thigh which made his cock move in his shorts.

John’s eyes darted down, and then back up. He cleared his throat. “But if I charged you, I’d be obligated to provide a service. With standards. And like there’d have to be taxes and probably a business registration or something.”
“True. You’d be mine to do with as I pleased -with some restrictions of course – until the time agreed has expired. I could fuck you as many times as I wanted.”
“Unless it was just for one fuck, one nut.” John pointed.
Craig smirked. “I always nut twice when fucking. Guess I won’t be hiring your services then. Knowing you, you’ll bill me for the overages.”
“Man you are rude.”
Craig laughed.
“Wait, can you really nut twice on one erection?”
“Yeah. I get like halfway soft and as long as I keep thrusting into a nice, hot warm hole, I just get hard again and cum again. I’m a seed machine.”

John considered Craig. “That sounds kinda hot…hate it when guys just like pump and dump it you know? Like three fucks and they’re done.”
“Yeah they’re basically just using you as a cumdump at that point. You’re supposed to share the ride to the orgasm together and play off each other.”

They looked at each other.
“So, what’s your price?” Craig asked with a grin.
John thought. “How about you just pay for my weed?”
Craig clapped his hands together once and pointed. “There we go. Just because sex can have value, doesn’t mean in this transaction that value is relevant to you. Instead you offer to trade it for goods that do have value to you. Therefor even though the market rate of the goods is less than the potential value of sex, you still benefit with net gain because of the value of the goods is more relevant to you.”

John stared at Craig. “Dude, what? I thought you were trying to give me a boner?”
Craig snorted. “I was at some point. Anyway, I’ll pay for your weed. Come on, we got 40 minutes and it takes some time to get this machine warmed up.”

John tossed his jacket on the chair and followed Craig to the back bedroom. He did not know that Craig grew the weed that Brad sold to him, nor the wealth he controlled. John just assumed that because Craig hung out in this average apartment, he was a nobody with a hot body. And now Craig got the pleasure of fucking that beautiful rich boy with the washboard abs for the wholesale rate of weed. Damn Craig loved doing business. As John got undressed, Craig decided he also liked seeing John naked. He had no problem producing those loads promised – especially after he discovered how aroused John became the more Craig whispered dirty degrading words in his ear.

Captions are fictional.


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