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James used to show at his clients’ houses in high end fashion brands, complete with matching accessories and a touch of make up. He always felt it was a bit silly, considering he’d be naked not long after walking into the door. So with this new client from Texas, James decided to try something else. He went to the thrift store and found a pair of tight black jeans. He threw on a basic white tee shirt that hugged his shoulders. It matched well with his favorite leather boots. A couple simple rings completed the look.

The client groaned upon laying eyes on James. Quickly he was all over him. He peeled that shirt off on the spot. He pulled James onto his lap and soon couldn’t stop rubbing James’ thighs in the denim or cupping his ass.
“Jesus christ, I’m in trouble,” the client muttered.
“Trouble?” James asked.
“Yeah, you’re going to make me very broke.”
James tried not to smirk and failed.

Captions are fictional.


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