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“Ah shit – hey honey?” Roland calls from the bathroom.
“Yay babe?” Gabriel responds from the bedroom.
 I forgot to grab a towel from the laundry basket. Can you grab one for me please? I’m dripping everywhere.”
“Sure thing, but you have to pay a kiss tax.”
“What the heck is that?” Roland asks.
Gabriel grabs a towel from the fresh laundry and brings into the bathroom. “A kiss tax is payment for my services. ”
“I think that’s a fair assessment. You got to see me naked too.” Roland wraps the towel around himself. Gabriel leans in for a kiss.
“Seeing you naked is always a highlight. Mmn. Good kiss. You are so warm. And you smell good.”
“It’s that soap you got from me Christmas. I love it.”
Gabriel smiles. “I’m glad. Get dressed quickly and come snuggle me. I want your warmth.”
“You want to stay and put the coconut oil on me?” Roland offers.
“That is something I didn’t know I wanted until now. Ya know, maybe we need to leave the towels out of the bathroom permanently. I’m liking where this all is leading.”
“If this is what happens every time I get out of the shower, I’d be late for work every day.” Roland points out.
“Eh, worth it.”
“I’ll just tell my boss I had to pay the kiss tax.”
“Surely he’ll understand.”
“Somehow, I think not.”
That makes Gabriel giggle. He picks up the coconut oil and squirted some in his palm. “Alright, warm boy, let’s get you all shiny. I cannot wait to snuggle you, you are gonna smell soooo good.”

“I really like how like…you’re so into me.”
“Well, I did marry you.” Gabriel points out.
“Yeah but like… mn, that feels good. You just like to be with me, and touch me. It’s nice,” Roland says softly.
“You’re sweet. But like, you wouldn’t believe how much I hold back. You’re my squish.”
“You’re what?” Roland chuckles.
“We used to have a golden retriever named Sunny when I was growing up, and she’d get attached to one plush toy and carry it everywhere. We’d call it her Squishy. I guess I learned it from her.”
“Man, you are such a golden retriever. I never realized that before, but man that is accurate. Hey there, I feel you squeezing my butt back there.”
“Butt tax.”
“I see. I’m gonna need a receipt for all these taxes I’m paying.”
“You’ll have to dog the accountant at the pawffice for that, but if you’re pugnacious they’ll fetch it for you.”
Roland could only laugh. “God, Gabriel that was so bad!”

Captions are fictional.


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