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Archy knocked.
“Enter,” Victor said.
Archy let himself in. “Hello, Sir~”
“Oh hello. Wow you are better looking in person than in the photos.”
Archy smiled. “I always like to hear that. Thank you for selecting me.”
“You were my first choice, I’m glad you were available.”
“Oh stop,” Archy giggled with a hand wave. “You’re gonna make me blush, and I get so embarrassed when I blush.”
“I bet you look even cuter.”
Archy giggled some more and set down his things. The more the guy spoke, the more he could detect an uneven tone to his voice, but it didn’t bother him. Dude was sex on a stick. “I can already tell we are going to have fun, but how can I satisfy you this evening?”
“Well,” Victor paused to stretch. “I had a stroke last year.”
Archy gasped. “You had a stroke? But you’re so young!”
“It is uncommon. I fly a lot for work. I got DVT, and a clot led to a stroke. Apparently I had a defective narrow artery. Bad combo.”
“Oh honey!” Archy covered his mouth. “You lucky thing to survive that.”
“Thank you, you’re sweet. I was. I had a great care team. Thing is, though, I haven’t had the confidence to have sex since the stroke. I’ve been working on my body, my mind, and well-” Victor gestured. “I thought I’d reward myself by summoning professional service.”
Archy put his hand over his chest. “Oh honey, I am honored. Um, may I ask a question though?”
“Sure thing, babe.”
“Have you uh – you know, jerked off since the stroke? Like, it’s not like all still in there in your balls right?”
Victor laughed. “Of all the questions I’ve been asked. Yes, I’ve had a lot of release since then. I do love masturbating. But I’m tired of my hand, sitting in the bed alone in the dark. I want to feel the heat and connection of someone else.”
Archy walked over to him and put a hand on his thigh. “I am going to do everything I know in my book to rock your world tonight. I promise.”
Victor smiled. “You have a book?”
“Oh yes, the Twink’s Guide to Dick and Taking Dick. On the Barnes n Nobles best seller list, I assure you.”
That made Victor laugh. “You’re hilarious. I would honestly read that. Do you drink? I’d love to pour you some champagne.”
“Anytime a hot man wants to pour me champagne, I ain’t gonna say no. But I will tell you, I can drink a little, but I can’t do my job intoxicated.”
Victor got up and walked over to the mini bar. “Psht. I have a feeling you could do your job even in space.”
“….I think I love you.”

Victor laughed again and grabbed the bottle opener. “Here, let’s have a toast to a night of good sex.” They popped the cork (Archy squealed), and Victor poured into two glasses.
“Cheers?” Victor asked.
“Cheers to sex,” Archy corrected.
“Cheers to sex.” Clink.

Captions are fictional.


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