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“Sir? How much more longer is this going to last?”

I wrap my arms around his shoulders and rest my palm on his sternum. He raises his hand and curls his fingers around my fore arm.

“I don’t know, lad,” I answer. “Looks like things will start reopening soon though.”

“I love you Sir but…I miss people,” he says softly.

“That’s an ok thing to feel.”

I hear him exhale.

“I know how social you are. You have been very stoic in all of this and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

“Thank you Sir.”

“I’m happy we could spend this time together at least. Out of all the faces in the world, I’m glad I can see yours daily.”


“Yes. Hey, why don’t we ask some guys from the dungeon if they want to do a Zoom dinner party tonight? Get dressed up a little”

“Oh I’d like that Sir!”

I pat him on the chest. “Let’s do that. We gotta stay creative and stay strong right?”

He flexes. “Staying strong.”

“That’s my boy.” I kiss his cheek.


Captions are fictional. You guys got this! Stay safe everyone!Jacques Pougnet photographed by Mariano Vivanco for Man About Town


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