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I had to try it. “Position 2, boy!” To my sheer delight, he dropped down into second position – knees wide, ass up, back arched, arms straight. It wasn’t the most elegant pose in mid-calf boots, stiff camo pants, and a thick belt, but it still got all the technical marks for accuracy. “Very nice, boy.” He sort of looked at me, wondering why I’m making him sit in this pose all of a sudden during our casual chat. I can’t help but smirk. The military’s bootcamp regimen is to break you down to build you back up into the obedient solider it demands in the field. Yet, despite the breaking and rebuilding, they could not erase the dungeon I’d bestowed on this young man. Dare I assume that his love of following my orders lead him to join the military? 

Who knew. But when he was on a break from service, he called me. Begged me. He wanted to come play. He wanted a fuck. I wish I recovered the call. I love hearing a boy be honest with who he was and not be ashamed of it. He would get what he wanted. But first, before we did any playing or fucking, I had to see how well he still responded to my commands.

I walked in a circle around him. Flawless. Perhaps I should test him on all the commands to make sure he still knew them.
“Good boy. Position 1, lad.”

He stood up straight, feet slightly apart, hands behind his back. A natural pose for a military man.
“Good boy. Great posture.”
He beamed.
“Procedure 2, lad.”

I became quite aroused as I watched him strip off his clothing and fold them into a neat pile. My worries about his training fading away disappated. This was still my boy. We could play like we used to.

It was a real struggle deciding what to do with him first. I edged him while I thought about it.

Captions are fictional.


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