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Caption below:

A solid fist rapped at the door.
Donovan raised his head. “It’s open.”
AJ let himself in. He paused in the door frame. “Good lord.” He closed the door.
gave him a moment to clarify what he meant, but when the man did not,
he said his speech: “There’s condoms in the bowl, waters in the
mini-fridge. Leave the money on the dish on the fridge.”
“Right to
business. I normally like that but…” AJ paused with his hand on his belt
buckle, his half hard cock straining against his jeans.
Donovan raised his head. “What’s wrong?”
AJ glanced around. “You’ve been busy tonight.”
“My ass isn’t particularly much to look at, but there’s a reason men come back often.”
grunted and dropped the money in the dish. “Not what I meant. I mean
look at this place…” He adjusted the pillows on the small sofa. Picked
up the wadded up blanket and folded it. He set it on a chair, and put
the bedroom pillows on top of it in a balanced stack. AJ took a hoodie
and shirt off the back of the chair and hung them in the closet. Donovan
watched him, too astonished for words. A dry towel hung on a coat rack
was relegated to the bathroom. He even filled a coffee mug with water
from the sink and watered the plant.

“Uh,” Donovan said.
“Get up.”
“Get up.” AJ gestured with a flick of his hand.
Donovan glanced at his crotch, then up at his face. “Ok… up where?”
“Where’s your clean sheets?”
“Uh…bathroom, linen closet behind the door?”
found it easily. Not too many spaces things could be in a studio
apartment. He pulled out a fitted sheet and sniffed it. It’d do. “Ok.
I’m going to change the bed. Go take a shower.”
“Dude what the fuck man. If this isn’t clean enough for you, you can go get your dick wet at a hotel or something.”
paid for you, and I want you, and I’m going to have you. But your
thirst and impatience for cock is making you ignore the first rule of
business – first impression are everything, boy. Now go shower. And

Donovan rolled his eyes and closed the door. Ten
minutes later, he came out smelling like lotion. He paused for a moment
in the doorway of the bathroom, caught off guard a tad by how nice it
looked. Everything was tidied, floor cleared. Bed straightened. Dishes
in the sink. There was a change in sound in the room, and a breeze. It
took Donovan a minute to process why.
“Dude people are going to hear us with the window open.”
smirked and pulled off his belt. “I better fucking hope so, or I’m
taking some of those bills back.” He folded the belt in half and tapped
Donovan on the butt. “On the bed with you.”

Donovan flashed a grin. “Alright, that’s what I’m talking about.” He tossed AJ the lube.
ripped a condom opened with his teeth. He sighed when his cock was
freed. It dripped a strain of pre on the floor. “Wait’s almost over…
don’t you worry.”
AJ didn’t anticipate Donovan needing to be
stretched, and he was right. Boy was warm and ready to go. The young man
tensed a little around the final inch, sending frisson up AJ’s spine.
“Good lord, yeah… I get it now. Fits like a glove.” He gave that ass a
complimentary squeeze from both size.
Donovan moaned under him.
whore… man, I love whores. God bless whores.” AJ held Donovan down with
a palm on the back of his skull and pounded that ass, working out all
his frustrations and stress from the road. He was quite surprised to
last as long as he did. The few final thrusts left the bed as crooked as
when AJ arrived. He rested his weight on Donovan’s back, drifting in
and out of a daze, until his strength came back to pull out.

sat back on the edge of the bed, caught his breath, and watched his cock
soften against his leg. He tied off the condom and held it up to look
at it. “Shit, look at this. It’s like the size of my left nut.”
Donovan twisted to see. “Judging by what was hittin’ the back of me, your nuts were a lot bigger than that.”
AJ smirked. “Well not anymore. Not after your fine ass milked all that jizz out. Things should fit better in my underwear now.”
“Another satisfied customer~”
AJ jiggled Donovan’s buttocks. “Golden arches: A million served?”
Donovan barked out a laugh. “A million served. Christ, no. My hole couldn’t take that.”
“You take care of your ass, it’ll handle dick until you die, boy.” AJ threw the condom in the trash on top of a pile of tissues.
“Man, wouldn’t that be a way to go… fucked to death.”

A knock came at the door. Donovan glanced at the clock over the door. “Oh there’s another. I’ll let him know-”
AJ held up a hand. “It’s fine. There’s someone in here, but you can come in.”
A Hispanic man walked in. “Fuck, is there a two for one special in here?”
AJ laughed and hefted his balls. “I’m all empty. You mind if I watch though?”
The man raised an eyebrow and licked his lip. “God look at your pecker…fine by me, if it’ll get you hard.”
Donovan interrupted. “Excuse me.”
“What?” Both men said at the same time.
Donovan gestured to the plate above the fridge.
AJ picked his pants up off the floor. “Fine, fine.”

The man added his share to the pile. “This looks like a buy in for poker,” he joked. “Hope I get a royal flush.”
AJ sauntered over to add new bills to the pile. “Well it won’t be a straight flush, I’ll tell ya that right now.”
Hispanic man clutched his belly as he laughed. “This is gonna be a fun
night! I can already tell.” He began to unbutton his shirt. “You know
how I know?”
Donovan shook his head. “
”Cause it looks real nice in here. I like that. Dirty space, dirty putas you know? It’s like a restaurant. If the bathroom is dirty, dios mio, don’t look at the kitchen.”

shot a look at AJ. AJ gave that ass another squeeze. “Told you,” he
mouthed to Donovan. AJ stood up and acquiesced the bed to the next
guest, then grabbed a water and settled on the sofa to watch.

Captions are fictional. Can’t stop the signal, Mal.


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