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“See this ass? I mean LOOK at my ass, and my glorious thighs! I would always just stay home and jerk off instead of going to the gym, but man, I’m getting so much done in chastity.”

“Wow. I mean… yeah look at your definition.”
“Insane right?” Jake asks.
“Yeah, hot ass bro!”
“Thanks man,” Jake grins.
“Your man all over that ass?”
“ALL over. He’s a horny fucker!” Jake laughs.
“Do you get to cum, like ever?”
“Well, like once every two weeks?”
“That’s not too bad, really.”
“If I stay in it too long, my horniness just kind of empties and I feel sullen and cranky and restless. I’d love to go longer, but it’s best when fresh.”
“Insane, bro. I nut like almost every day.”
“You should try it,” Jake suggests.
“I could consider it. But like, can I tell you a secret?”
Jake scratches his toned ass. “What bro?”
The other gym patron grins and lowers his voice. “I kinda like feelin’ my dick move in my shorts when I’m on the treadmill.”
Jake laughs and clutches his sides .”Oh dude! Hilarious! Yeah you can’t really feel that in a tight cage! But man, we are definitely gym buddies now.”
“I’d love a gym buddy. Wanna spot me on reps?”
“Love it. I have a feeling you won’t mind roving eyes.” Jake winks.
“Nah man. Definitely not. Knowing you’re off limits makes it especially hot.”

Jake raises an eyebrow. “I’m gonna come home super horny and my man is gonna be sooo caught off guard when I tackle him.”
The man snorts. “You can thank me later! Goddamn your ass though…unf…”

Captions are 100% fictional.


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