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This is my piggy
He oinks


Justin didn’t really “get” pupping yet. He liked the idea of it. He liked playing and wrestling with other pups. He wanted to feel this thing called “pupping out” that everyone else spoke about on the messageboards. But Justin’s handler Hector pushed on, training and encouraging.

One afternoon, they got back from a meet-up. Justin had fun. He played with other pups, didn’t pee anywhere, and came obediently when Hector told him it was time to head home. Also, more importantly – didn’t puke in the car on the way home. Normally, Justin liked to undress after events, but this afternoon he didn’t take off the pup mask. He just wanted to curl up on the sunlit sofa and take a nap. He was settling in after circling the cushion three times, when Hector came in the room.
“Hey there boy.”
Justin lifted his head. “Arf?”
“I have something for you.”
Hector pointed to the floor. “Sit here boy.”
Justin jumped off the sofa and sat, butt down. “Arf.”
“Good boy.” Hector smiled and put something on his nose.
“Arf?” Justin asked. He dipped his head and it felt. It was a toy. A child’s squeak toy. Justin pushed on it. It squeaked. He pushed on it again. Squeak squeak squeak. For some reason, this seemed so silly. Squeak squeak squeak. Justin picked it up in his mouth. HIS toy. A feeling of joy welled up inside of him. It was just a small thing Hector had given him, but it was so nice to be given a gift. How could male validation feel so wonderful? Justin jumped back on the sofa and curled up with it. His toy. His. Cause he’s a good boy.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak squeak squeak.

Back in the kitchen, Hector began to think he made a mistake with that one.

Captions are fictional.


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