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You knew the boy you took home from the club was grateful for sex. He was horny. You couldn’t blame him. Lotta hot guys in the club. You didn’t even care that he walked funny cause of some condition he had. His ass was still fuckable. All you needed. But apparently you under-estimated how grateful your boytoy was for said fucking because you woke up to coffee and the most beautiful donuts in the universe.


“They smell sooo good.”

“They’re almost too pretty to eat.”

“….But you will eat them right?”

“Eventually. Say, boy?”


“I fucked you once last night. But there’s six donuts here. Want to even it out a bit?”

His eyes go wider than the donuts. “Really? You still want to fuck me? Even sober?”

I snort. “You need to get your self esteem up. Yeah. I do. You have a really nice ass. Let’s go eat breakfast in bed!”


You watch him walk in that strange gait of his. It made his butt move in an exaggerated way. Kind of mesmerizing really. “I’m definitely going to eat this cream puff thing off your ass…”

“Did you say something?”

“What? Nope.”


Captions are fictional. I want those donuts.


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