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“What?” he grumped. He wouldn’t look at his friend.

“I’m not mad. I’m not upset with you for looking. It’s ok.”

“…You’re not going to beat me up?”

“Nah. I kind of uh, like it, that you look.”

Paul stared at his friend. “What?” He hissed.

“I said I don’t mind if you look.”

Paul looked around. “You’re going to get beat up if you talk like that!”

“Oh who cares? No one can hear us. We’ll all be naked when we go swimming anyway.”

“…That’s. Well.”

John began to giggle. “It’s so silly. If we swim naked, no one cares but if I tell you I like your arse when we’re dry it’s worth a beating?”

Paul cracked a smile. “It’s a little silly.”

“It is! Very silly. About as silly as us falling in mud earlier and dirtying our pants. Come on, let’s go to the waterhole now. Everyone’s ahead of us. I want to grill some hot dogs!”



Captions are fictional.


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