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“Are you serious? You put the milk in before the cereal?”
“Well, sort of. You just put the milk in, and keep adding handfuls of cereal until you’re done eating. It stays crunchy that way.”
“…How did I get all the way to marrying you without realizing this?”
“Well we don’t eat that much cereal, but I think cause you were too busy playing footise with my cock under the table.”
“Oh right… Still, though, bro. That cereal thing. We gotta fix that. Cereal before milk. It’s just how it goes.”
“Nope. Get on my level. Admit your inferiority.”
“Inferiority?? Why I have never been so offended in my life. Cereal before milk is a time honored tradition!”

He pauses. “Are we really doing this? Our first fight as a married couple is going to be over cereal?”
“Oh. Hm. Do you just want to skip to the make up sex?”
“Yeah ok, fine by me. Milk first though.”
“Did you say something under your breath there?”
“Hm? What? No nothing. Grab the lube, babe.”

Captions are fictional.


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