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Puppy would not sit still while you were baking and kept jumping on you, causing you to spill and make messes. If he were still, all you heard was whine whine whine! It was like you never fed the pup. If he had been good, he would get to lick a beater. But no, he was being a bad puppy so he got… well, secured. And he had to stay like that, the smell of the cookies baking filling the house. You didn’t untie him when the oven beeped either – only when the cookies were finally cooled. On then did you untie him. Even then, Puppy still had to sit and stay to receive a cookie. You were pleased that he was obedient and earned his cookie. Lessons are sometimes learned through rewards. You knew he would never let the nightmare of being denied a beater haunt him again.

Captions are fictional.


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