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“Oh look, you can see that hotel where we fucked on the roof last week.”
“Huh, you can. So glad we were able to sneak out of that wedding. So boring.”
“Yeah the sex was much more interesting. Man, you think we can fuck in all of those buildings some day?”
“You got big dreams, little man. I’ll date you as long as there’s buildings to sneak in and fuck in.”
“Aww you’re so sweet. You know that gets me going. Forbidden sex is so much fun.”
“It will be. But you know what also would be fun?”
“Having sex in the park to our right…just beyond the trees…”
“Sex in NATURE? Like on the ground? I dunno…never done that before…”
“Promise you. It’s just as hot, there’s no sneaking in, and we can get back on the walking trail with our own smug satisfaction of having a good orgasm just a moment ago.”
“Mmmnnn. Oh alright, but you owe me another roof after this.”
“Deal, babe.”

Captions are fictional.


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