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Maybe I can entice Him to stay home today

“You can’t stay home? Well, can you be late for work? Maybe a mere hour late? I did just make fresh coffee downstairs, and I’m still warm from sleep…”
“Boy…” Sir says with the ‘warning tone’..
“Do you really want to be sitting your car in rush hour thinking of what you said no to?”
Sir raises an eyebrow. “You might want to watch your mouth boy.”
“If it were busy sucking you off, I wouldn’t be running it.”
Sir stares at his husband. He sets his briefcase on the floor and leans it against the wall. “Goddamn flawless bottom logic. Ok. An hour. Traffic will be better then anyway…”
A smile appears on his husband’s face. He pats his ass, and then the bed.

Captions are fictional. Also, this is a woman’s butt. Just FYI.


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