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I made a Fort! Room for one more *wag*

It started off as a cute little thing. Pup built a fort, and enjoyed hanging out there. Good place to chew on toys, watch a movie, take a nap. But then he starts getting territorial about it, and spending a lot of time in there. If Master Nick touched it, the pup would rub his head over the spot where he had. Master Nick got a bit concerned cause his pup didn’t even want to go outside much anymore, he just wanted to sit in there and guard it. The final straw was when Master Nick got growled at for coming too close to it and that was a mistake. The pup got hauled out, spanked, and put in the yard while Master Nick took the fort down. He was astonished to find a pile of toys and several pairs of his underwear and stray socks stashed in there, plus his set of extra keys, and a wrapper from a candy bar that had gone missing. Master Nick shook his head. “Bad puppy.”

As Nick put the cushion covers in the washing machine, he thought about what he could do to prevent this from happening again. He called his friend Jake. “Hey…do you know how to build a dog house?”

The pup was very unhappy to see his fort torn down, and howled in protest for most of the evening. Attempts to rebuild it were rebutted. The pup sulked all night….but he woke up the next morning to the sounds of hammering in the yard.

Captions are fictional.


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