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I’m never sure who reads my text posts, but I figured I’d mention, “Hey, I’m still here!” Things have been rough lately, but I think I’m getting back into puppy mode again. 

I’ll post some stuff here and there, but probably just Daddy and I. Feeling really disconnected from other puppies and the community lately and I’m not sure what, if anything, can fix that. It’s weird, I felt closer to the community when I had no chance of interacting with it outside the internet. *shrugs*

But, hey, feeling closer to my pup side again at least *wags*

Marcus patted his pup on his head. “You don’t have to go out to the bars with me tonight if you don’t want to.”
“Wruf,” his boy answered, putting his head down on his arms.
“I think it’s just spring melanchonia, pup. I got you a little present when I was at the grocery store though. May help ya feel better.”
Marcus walked to the kitchen, took something out of a paper bag and put it behind his back. Brodie was staring at him when he came back. He really wanted to know what it was!
“You haven’t been the same since your ball got popped by that car – so I got you a new one.” Marcus revealed a plastic bouncy ball about the size of an apple, and rolled it over to Brodie.
Before Brodie was even aware of his body, he was up and after it. He had to get there before it rolled under the evil armoire!
“That’s it! Get it!”
Brodie grabbed it in his mouth and obediently brought the ball back over to Marcus.
“Good boy! Come on, let’s go in the backyard and get some sun ok? Play fetch?”
Brodie glanced out the back glass door. It was a nice day…
“Maybe if you get hot later, I can drag out the kiddie pool or the sprinkler…”
Was it that time of the year already?? Brodie thought. “Wruf!”
“Yeah you’d like that! You just need to play until you feel better.” Marcus opened the back door and threw the ball as hard as he could across the yard. “Go! Fetch!”

Captions are fictional. You’re adorable, @uptopuppystuff, sorry things are weird for you lately.


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