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….you gonna share those noms?

“You know you can’t have my noms.”
“And that’s because there’s puppy noms hidden somewhere in this room,” Ty explained.
“Roo??” The pup lifted his head.
“Some red and white gummy bears perhaps? And some other fun pup V-day treats?”
The pup tried to stand up so fast he slipped on his pillow and nearly landed on his face.
Ty couldn’t help but laugh. “Careful! Go find em! Go fetch! Go find your pressies.”

Ty was laughing even harder when the pup found the gummy bears, and opened the bag with such excitement that they got flung everywhere. Ty was in stitches watching his hyper pup wear himself out trying to find and nom them all. Or so they thought. Ty would find gummy bears for days afterwards too.

It was nice to have a calm pup though. That was when the next part of the fun came in – the other present was a vibrating egg to go in before the tail. Ty knew his pup would enjoy that just as much as treats.

Captions are fictional.


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