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Fuckin adorable.
Cum’ere, time for scritches!
(Seriously l, how could you not??)

Awoooo~ coming over!!!! *wags*

Wanna snuggle this puppy soooo bad.

I love snuggles!!! Come puppy let’s snuggle @pupartemis

Gladly handsome!! @padthaitaco Get up in my lap and I’ll give you tons of loving.

George sighed. He hadn’t been able to eat an entire sandwich by himself since his pup started living with him. That face was just too much. He was too cute. George knew giving in had created this bad behavior.
“No,” he said.
His puppy whined.
“No, I fed you recently, Marble. I can’t have you doing this behavior when I guests over.”
The whining increased. George ate the whole sandwich. “See? Not for pups.” He dusted crumbs off his shirt into the sink. “Go chew on your toys. I have work to do, babe. You’ll get a snack later.“ George gave Marble a scritch behind the ears as a sign-off.

George was working at his laptop when he heard the fridge door open and close.
“What the…” George got up to explore when he heard the storm door to the backyard open and shut. “Marble!” He jogged to the kitchen. His pup was standing in the backyard with the entire bag of deli meat in his mouth.
“No! Bad pup!”

And that’s how George spent five minutes chasing a bag of ham around the backyard, before finally winning. He took the bag back.
“BAD Marble! Very bad pup.” He turned Marble around and gave him a spanking right there in the yard.
The boy yowled and wiggled, but he’d been bad and he knew it.
“You stay out here until you know what it’s like to be a good pup. I’ll let you in during dinner. You lost your snack privilege.”
Marble lowered his head and gave George mournful eyes.
“That’s right puppy. Pups are not in charge. I am in charge. You’re a pup. Right boy?”
“Arf,” Marble said.
“That’s right.” George said, heading back inside with the ham. It wasn’t always fun being the alpha in the household, but someone had to set rules. Pups couldn’t run the place, and ham couldn’t be a treat if he got it when-ever you wanted.

There was however a chance for dessert after dinner for Marble if he behaved. George knew he would.

Captions are fictional.


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