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Christmas time for puppies 🙂

What beautiful time of year.

No peeing on the puppy-mas tree. Only smell.


“What do you mean I can’t mark these presents? They have my name on them.” My pup asks, his voice muffled from the mask.
“That means they’re already marked. No peeing. Smells only. Be a good boy.”
“Arfffff.” He says with a sigh.
”Did you put out cookies for Santa?”
“Cause these look like dog biscuits.”
“Santa might be a pup too.”
I chuckle. "I don’t see why not. Ok pup, up to bed with you.” He’s been sleeping with me these last few nights because it’s been so cold in the house.

My pup looks at me, then drags his pup bed over to the tree by his teeth. “Awww,” I coo. “You want to sleep here and wait for Santa?”
My boy nods. “ARF!”
“Aw look at your tail go. Ok, you can sleep here, but I’ll have to bring the down blanket down here so you don’t get cold.”
“But no peeking in the presents ok? Or you’ll get spanked.”
The pup nodded eagerly.
“Alright then. I’ll fill your water bowl down here then.”

The next morning, I woke up with my pup sitting on me with one of his presents to me in his mouth. Could there be a cuter Christmas morning? I was convinced not.

Captions are fictional.


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