Follow up about Nobley

I’m getting a lot of questions from people about Pup Nobley. Those
closest to him are preparing for the funeral, so official information is
not going to be forthcoming for a while. So hopefully this helps some of you:

Here’s what we know:

  • Pup Nobley passed away in an accident on November 23rd.
  • The
    cause of death was from solo breathplay. It’s hard to believe, I know, but this
    is not the time to preach the risks of such play.
  • The funeral was on Wednesday, the 30th. It was a private service.
  • Some
    people have posted Nobley’s real name, but it’s been requested that
    when you talk about Nobley in a public way that you refer to him by his
    pup name. Also it’s pronounced “nob” as in “doorknob” not as in “noble”.
  • Nobley has a boyfriend and their five year anniversary was this year. The boyfriend’s real name is
    floating around too and they ask that you refrain from posting it in a
    public way.
  • Nobley’s bf is receiving support and care from Nobley’s family and close friends.
  • They’re from Europe, specifically, the Netherlands.
  • It is 100% confirmed that this sucks a lot.

any of you feel really lost and need to talk to someone, never hesitate
to reach out. Just because you never met Nobley in real life doesn’t
mean your grief is invalid. The hashtag #paws4nobley is making its way around twitter.
Also, the Kennel Klub in the UK will be having a moment of silence at their next meeting on December 3rd.

you have any personal mementos from interacting with Nobley, such as
songs, videos, pictures, drawings, audio recordings, or stories, you may
send them to for archival. Put “Mementos” in the headline so Pup Saber can sort
them. We’re trying to not involve Nobley’s boyfriend in this process as
he has a lot going on, so please keep it off public platforms. 

Thank you.

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