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When you’ve waited all week to be with him.

Let me tell you something – that Metallica cover song was right. I’ve fucked here, I fucked there, I’ve fucked every fucking where. Cars, planes, trains, hallways, parkways, driveways, in alleys, under bleachers, in closets… got caught more than once, but when I was in my prime, I let absolutely nothing get between me and my craving for dick no matter the risk. Sometimes I’d get lucky and get actually fucked, but I think most of those times were just furious frottage or forbidden blowjobs. I mean, why jerk off when you can play with ANOTHER dick at the same time? I mean why on Earth would you ever.

I kind of missed the vanilla stage, and you know, it’s weird because the older I got the more I found myself circling back to it. Hell, it was weird enough realizing I kept circling back to the same guy. And then I did something super weird and moved out of my drafty artsy loft for his suburban house. I expected myself to eventually go crazy, snap out of it, then run to Europe clutching my chest in relief as I took E and sweated in a crazy warehouse party. After a year, the fear of this went away. Just because we moved into a house didn’t automatically mean I couldn’t go to the clubs anymore. Why on Earth did I think that? We still went, and regularly at that, and oh yeah we took E. And poppers. And whatever else.

Being taken is weird. If you can’t have sex, you have to wait. And you know how much I do not like jerking off – so sometimes the wait can be agonizing – but goddammit when you have been waiting all week and you finally get time for the real good sex? Oh my god. Knowing you and a naked guy have nothing to do until 8 am the next morning is such an exciting thing.

And you know what a learned? Fucking in a bed is actually the best place to do it. My partner laughed when I told him this. I think I’m gonna have to do him a favor and screw him in a few alleys and against a few trees or something until he sees things on my level. He needs to appreciate that fucking in this bed is awesome.

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