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I’m ready for a paddling sir

Master folded his arms. “Ready for a paddling? But you haven’t done anything wrong.” He loved teasing his boy.
His boy sighed in exasperation. He looked up, noticed a glass of water nearly empty on the nightstand, and pushed it over. It hit the soft carpet and didn’t break. “There. Punish me.”
Master raised both eyebrows. “Naughty boy! Bossy, messy, naughty boy. You definitely need to be punished for all of those things.”
“Yesss- Wait. All?”
Master went to the cabinet against the wall and extracted a pair of handcuffs. He secured his boy’s hands behind his back, then pulled his legs out from under him so he was flat on his stomach. The boy squeaked in protest. Sir tugged off his underwear, and threw it over the water seeping into the carpet. When the worst of it had been soaked up, Sir balled up the boy’s underwear and pushed it into his mouth.
“Bad boy,” Sir stated.
“mm mmm MMPH!” his boy protested.
“Oh don’t worry you’ll get your spanking,” Sir said cheerfully, picking up the paddle.
“Oh silly me, I forgot something.” Sir tucked the paddle under his arm and went into his clothing drawers. He pulled out an itchy wool sweater and strolled back to the bed. “Need to put something under you so you don’t leak on my leather pants!”
The boy groaned from behind the gag and regretted challenging a man who had handcuffs and lots of evil ideas.

Captions are fictional.


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