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A collar is such a simple thing yet it states so much.

Eddy reached up and touched the leather for the seventh thousand time that day. It was his first time wearing it out of the house, and he just felt like a million dollars – polished, well-dressed, and handsome. Now that he was working a real, grown-up job, he could afford nice clothes and his Master had shown him the best places to shop – and the benefits of a tailor. His body was staring to show the work of all that time in the gym too, and Eddy felt like he was transforming. People glanced at his ass in public now; women’s eyes lingered on his face. He’d gone from a fat slob to a prime cut of tenderloin, and god, it felt great! Eddy dropped his hand. He had to remember to be humble and not be spoiled or narcissistic. He reveled in the benefits but the process was not his. This was his Master’s work.

His Master – bless him, for Eddy didn’t know how he did it – looked at the nasty piece of trash he used to be and saw how miserable he was. The transition to healthiness and fruitfulness had been brutal, and Eddy had wanted to quit and drown himself in pizza and porn so many times. If he hadn’t started falling for his Master and the reward of sex with him, then Eddy would have likely ran. But he didn’t. Looking back on it, Eddy realized what he wanted most of all wasn’t a smaller waistline, but love. He wanted to belong and be missed and be desired. His self-esteem was in such tatters, he couldn’t believe anyone would wish that upon him.

But his Master had. He’d taught Eddy so much that it was like going through college all over again. Four years of training, and they still weren’t done. Now though, it was more fun than ever. They had a bedroom just dedicated to kink and play, and his Master had perfected how to spank him in just the right way to make him cum without being touched…

Eddy shuddered. He hoped his Master fucked him when he got home from work tonight. He didn’t think he could crave dick until now – but god, his Master had such a strong and beautiful cock! It was a physical extension of his Master’s personality. He sighed dreamily and got on the train as it stopped in the station.

Eddy sat in a seat and absent-mindedly began to finger his collar again. The woman across the way eyed him. He smiled. He was his Master’s prize work, and he wanted everything to know it. Eddy was a success.

Captions are fictional.


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