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I gawked. He must have had 1% body fat on him. A pure male god of carved muscle – python thighs, a huge ass in high denim shorts, a triangle torso, big pecs… fuck he was hot! My dick thought so too. The man’s mouth was moving too, and it took a second for me to realize he was talking to me.

“I’m sorry what?” I said, shaking my head.
The man huffed. “Do you know where I could get a broom or a net or something? My hat blew into the water.” He pointed.

I looked. His baseball cap was floating on the water, thanks to the foam on the tracker style hat. The man looked distressed. “That’s my favorite hat,” he added. “My dad bought it for me, just before he died. Said it wasn’t right for a Mets fan to not have a hat.”
Holy shit, this guy was not only smoking hot, but also a Mets fan? The weird male urgency to do shit to impress people kicked in. “I got this.”
“What? You do?”

I took my phone, wallet, and keys out of my pockets. “Hold this.”
“What? Wait – you’re not-”
I threw my shirt on the dock, kicked off my sandals, and dove in. The water was cold and had an odd, marine smell to it, but it wasn’t terrible. The shock of the temperature felt pretty good because of the summer heat. I swam over to where the hat was bobbing and drifting away, and snatched it. The man cheered. Some people nearby clapped.

When I got to the dock, I gave the hot guy his hat back. He beamed at me. “Thank you so much man. Here, let me give you a hand.” He set down my stuff and hauled me out of the water with nearly one hand. Dude was strong!

I stood on the dock dripping. I pushed the water out of my eyes. “That was refreshing,” I stated.
The man was clutching his hat to his chest. “I can’t thank you enough. I um, was gonna do that but I’m scared of water where I can’t see the bottom,” he admitted.
My heart was racing. Hot, into the Mets, and sensitive – plus he had a good relationship with his dad. Prime boyfriend material. I swallowed. Please god let him be gay. “No problem man. I never got to know my dad, so I’m happy you got your hat back.”
The man smiled wistfully. “Sorry to hear that. Damn, you are wet. Ya know I don’t live that far from here. Why don’t you come over and dry off?”
Both of my eyebrows went up. “Uh. Bluh. I mean. Yeah, sure. I’d like that.”
His smile was radiant . “Awesome. Let’s go do that, get something to drink. You like craft beer? I got this sampler…”

Captions are fictional.


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