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“Hold on! Pose, I’m gonna get a picture!” I raise my DLSR and shoot off a couple frames.
“You got it babe? The sun’s in my eyes.”
“Perfect,” I say, looking at the screen.
“Shit this ice cream is totally melting in this heat.”
“Mmn. Let me get that for you.” I grab hold of his wrist, and lick the back of his hand and his fingers.
He groans. “Fuck that turns me on so bad.”
I grin, and lick up, stealing a bit of his ice cream and a bit of cone.”
“Hey,” he laughs. “You know what dairy does to your stomach.”
“I’ll suffer,” I reply. I release his wrist and cup his chin, blessing him with a sticky, sweet ice-cream kiss. He groans again and pushes back against me. Our tongues meet and dance. It suddenly feels 10 degrees hotter outside. I break apart to keep from burning up. “Fuck…”
He blinks at me, dazed. “Damn, man. You are one smoking hot kisser.”
I smile. “I save that gift for cute guys I like on dates that I have fun on.”
“Oh? Ohh….” he says, figuring it out. “You think I’m cute?”
“Amongst other adjectives. Your ice cream is melting though,” I say, pointing.
“Shit,” he mutters, catching the drips with his tongue. I watch, and adjust myself. I smile. I can’t remember having this much fun on the beach.

“Hey uh, after you finish with that…”
“Hm?” he asks, busy eating his treat.
“Do you want to find a vacant space on the beach and have a little public fuck under the towel?”
His eyes go wide. “In public?” your boyfriend gasps.
“Oh yeah,” I purr, adjusting myself again. “You under me, trapped between a blanket, the heat of our other blanket on top of us. Me rutting into your tight ass, you leaking pre-cum from your trapped cock.”
He swallows, hard, and chews on the ice cream cone while never taking his eyes off of you. “Fuck that is so naughty…”
“You’re getting hard,” I murmur, feeling him through his shorts.
“Fuck how could I not? You have such a sexy mouth.”
I smirk. “I bet you’ll smell real good, under me, so tight and hot for me…”
He groans again. “Stop, stop. Let me finish the cone first.”
I chuckle and smack him on the ass. “Alright. While you finish that, let’s go find ourselves a private spot.”
“Fuck yeah. Let’s go get naughty.”

Captions are fictional.


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