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“Why are you looking at me that way?” Will asked.
“What way?”  Dylan answered.
“Like you’re in love or something.”
“Maybe I am. It’s just so wonderful to be in the company of a top who can really take care of my needs.”
“What?” Will grunted. “It’s just sex.”
for you. For a bottom, there’s a real difference between getting your
hole pounded by some grunting jock bro until it’s numb, or having some
top take you on a really nice ride. One that’s cleansing, and fun, and
relaxing. One that gives you a real deep afterglow.”

“…I have no idea what you’re talking about. Bottoms are so weird.”
“We’re not weird. We’re emotive,” Dylan insisted. “Can I kiss you? I want to kiss you.”
“Oh uh sure.”

Eventually, Dylan became frustrated with his boyfriend’s inability to be intimate or share his enthusiasm for cuddles. They drifted apart. Will began dating this cold accountant named Caine and they seemed perfect for each-other. Dylan kept looking. He met fun boys who sadly didn’t share Dylan’s enthusiasm for anal, and men who loved to fuck a tight ass but had terrible personalities or habits.

Two years passed before a man, who came into the bathroom to fix his hair, ended up saving Dylan from being raped by a drunkard who had followed Dylan off the dancefloor. Dylan was not expecting to be wooed by a man who broke another man’s nose, but he was instantly smitten when the drunkard dropped like a sack of potatoes. Dylan only feel deeper for John when he invited Dylan over so he wouldn’t be alone that night.

“Do you want to fuck me?” Dylan eventually asked as they cuddled in the dark. He had to ask. This guy was too perfect to not be flawed, and Dylan felt he owed John for the rescue. He could still feel that drunkard’s hands on his waist. John kissed his head. “I’m growing fond of your butt pressed against me, sure. But if you want that to happen, it’ll happen another time. You’ve had a long night. I’m not going to take advantage of your vulnerability now.”

Dylan was too shocked to say anything. He knew right there and then that he was going to marry John. And two years later, he did.

Captions are fictional.


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