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Stephen opened the bathroom, blinked, and sighed. “Seriously?” he whispered, with a private groan. He had heard of this bathroom before, but forgot it was in this gay restaurant/bar. Why did he have to get up to pee in the middle of brunch with his boyfriend and their friends and not waited until they got home? Damn those free refills on iced tea.

A man walked in behind him, paused, and went to the stall marked L. Stephen sighed to himself and put his hand over his chastity cage on his pants. He sighed for a third time, and walked over to the S. Turning away slightly, Stephen unzipped, extracted himself, and began to relieve himself. As he was doing that, the man at L zipped up and left. Someone else came in and walked up to M. Unable to resist, the man at M peered over and chuckled. “You’re at the wrong stall, boy. You should be over one more.”
Stephen flushed, finished, and quickly zipped up. “I’m only here cause I’m supposed to be at L.”
The man laughed. “The idea of you being bigger than me is funny. Feisty though. I like it. I bet your man has his hands full with you.”
“Well, it’s his fault I keep him so busy,” Stephen harrumphed, walking to the sink, the man at M still chuckling behind him.

Another guy walked in and went to XL. Stephen dried his hands and kept his eyes forward. Then, he heard the new guy say to the guy at M. “Heh, you’re at the wrong stall, buddy.”
Stephen smothered his laughter in his sleeve as he left. At least, in reality, he was still an L.

Captions are fictional.


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