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“Oh man this is so weird! Is this why girls don’t like not wearing bras? I get it now. It’s so weird having everythin’ jiggle round down there,” Daniel complained.
“Oh you get used to it. I think it’s kind of nice to have the breeze…” Todd said, walking very carefully. He was just relieved Daniel couldn’t see the outline of his chastity cage against his kilt!
“Fuck, I think I’m sticking. Am I sticking to my leg? Hold on,” Daniel muttered. He pulled the kilt and got a look. “No, I think it’s fine… fuck, this is too weird. Can’t wait until the holidays are over now.”

Todd tried not to stare at Daniel’s penis. It was so small! Todd knew if his boyfriend saw that, he’d lock it up too. A cage would look better than what Daniel had down there anyway now. Todd made a face. That was a weird thought. Why did that turn him on? Daniel never turned him on before. They were best friends, and Daniel was straight. But…Todd was pretty sure his boyfriend would love having two boys instead of one to hold keys for…fuck, why was that hot? Todd shook his head. Being unable to jerk off was messing with his brain. One thing was for sure, Todd was really glad he couldn’t get an erection right now. It’d be really noticeable in a kilt. Plus, that line of thought was stupid anyway.

Wait a minute, Todd thought, what if I could find a woman to hold a key for Daniel? He really needs to be locked up…he’d be so much happier, I’m so sure…

But why was he so sure? Todd didn’t know. He would have to ask his keyholder tonight.
“You want to stop and get some Irn-Bru, mate?” Daniel asked.
“Uh sure, Todd said, snapping back to reality. That train of thought would have to wait.

Captions are fictional.


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