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Seems a bit nervous he will be seen getting sucked.

“You’re an idiot. We’ve been going on ‘bro trips’ for years. Since high school! And now our wives are off having ‘girl’ trips. They don’t suspect a thing; no one suspects a thing. Besides, what are we doing that’s so wrong? It’s not cheating. Or gay sex, for that matter. It’s just a blowjobs. Our wives aren’t into them, so how else are you going to get one?”
“ Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
“Dude there’s NO one out here. You think Martha’s up on that hill with binoculars? The only thing that’s going to see you is a hawk. Focus. You get too soft when you’re distracted. If you still winge about it, I’ll stop blowing you.”
“No no, that’s…yeah you’re right. I’m freaking out over nothing, and you are really good at that.”
“Thanks man. Appreciate it.”



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