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He had put on the suit and all things changed for him. He couldn’t help it as he stripped away the blazer, finding himself more horny as his muscular strength continued to build underneath. He only looked into the mirror to spot his face changing, and you had witnessed all the changes, sitting there as he began to strip and expose the changes of his body.

In ways he tried to resist, adjusting his tie, checking his shirt, but in many ways, it didn’t work. He couldn’t help himself from pleasuring the large erection he had and when he spotted your bulge too, he knew he would have to give in to his true sexy desires. He was a muscle daddy, flexing his pecs to make them grow, checking his biceps, even getting closer for you to see.

“You like this don’t you?” He simply asked and truth be told you probably did as he began taking off his shirt, continued flexing as he added his little comment; “I’ll put the soon on you too, don’t worry, we’re going to have a lot of fun together.” Until then, watch him strip…and enjoy.

I reblogged this gifset yesterday with my own caption, and the OP of the gifset (who isn’t the creator) messaged me and said that he originally captioned it himself. Somewhere along the lines, it got deleted. So he asked me to post the original caption, and so here it is.

The gifset is from Muscle Bound Gods.


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