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“We shouldn’t be doing this here,” Justin stammered.
“Why?” Reed asked, sounding a bit hurt.
“Cause,” Justin said weakly, “Anyone could walk in…”
“We would hear the door open. Besides, no one is going to be coming into the locker room. The basketball game is in its fourth quarter. They’re all glued to the court.” Reed pushed his lips against Justin’s again and felt a warm knot tightened in between his hips when the tension in Justin’s shoulders melted, and he returned it.
Justin kissed him back – once, twice. “I like kissing you,” he stated.
“I do too. Have you kissed others?” Reed asked.
Justin blushed a little. “One other. But I like kissing you better.”
This seemed to please Reed. “Any girls?”
Justin shrugged. “I’m not too interested.”
“MM…me neither.” Reed grabbed Justin’s shirt lapels and devoured his mouth, pushing him against the lockers and leaving him breathless.

After a long moment of passion, Reed wiped the back of his hand against his mouth. “I hate how hard it is to see you.”
“I wish we went to the same school too,” Justin agreed.
Reed ran his hands over Justin’s chest. He glanced at his watch. “Ever do anything else?”
“Else?” Justin repeated.
Reed smirked at him, then slid down to his knees. Justin’s eyes went wide. “Oh my god, here -? You are not!”
Reed pouted. “I’ve been wanting to try this on someone. I bet you taste good. Please? Let me try? We got ten minutes..”
Justin gulped. “Yeah. Yeah go ahead.” His voice was shaking.
Reed petted him through his jeans. “You’re really hard,” he marveled.
“Goddamnit,” Justin said, “How could I NOT be when you kiss me like that?”
Reed snickered. “Good. I was starting to think I was forcing myself on you.”

“Never,” Just said quickly.
Reed slowly unzipped his pants. “Good. Cause I get greedy real fast. wow, boxer briefs. Just what I thought. Oh it’s wet here…” Reed leaned forward and pressed his lips over the outline of the firm shaft hidden under the fabric.
Justin gasped. “Jesus!” And he slammed his hand against the lockers, steadying himself. “Oh my god Reed!”
Justin whimpered.
Reed continued to mouth him, licking and teasing. Very, very slowly did he tug down the waistline and free Justin’s cock. He sighed softly and considered his prize. “Perfect. Just like you. I like uncut too.”
Justin was blushing hard, too flustered to answer – he had his cock in another guy’s hand! And Reed was going to put it in his mouth!
Reed would, but first he seemed content just to touch and stroke it. Justin was leaking from the tip, and when he Reed swiped his tongue over it, Justin felt his knees buckled.

Reed smirked and massaged his own bulge in his pants. Teasing a prep school kid was entirely too much fun. Shame they could only meet when their ‘rival’ basketball teams had games.

Justin watched, fascinated, as his cock slid past Reed’s lips. The sensation made little stars explode in front of his eyes. He pushed his hips and whimpered. Reed grabbed onto the fabric of his jeans and began to suck. Justin moaned and let his eyelids droop. “Oh my god Reed,” he whimpered. “Oh my god.”

Then, strong fingers cupped and squeezed his balls and Justin jumped. He shot, without warning. Reed withdrew and Justin came on his face. Justin cried out, unable to stop a tremendous orgasm from crashing over him – especially since Reed was pumping his slippery shaft and finishing him off.

Suddenly, they heard the whistle.
“Game over,” Reed said. He gave Justin’s cock few licks and returned it to his jeans. “Thank you for that. I really had fun. Did you?”
Justin nodded hard, wordless.
“You’re really hot Justin. We gotta figure out a way to do that again. Soon.”
Just nodded harder. He couldn’t imagine how it would feel better, but he knew Reed had ideas and desperately wanted to know what they all were. All his masturbation fantasies involved Reed anyway. 

Captions are fictional.


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