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John stared as his best friend peeled off the polo shirt that clung to every muscle. He tried to act casual and not react to the fact that his cock was hardening in his jeans. He’d seen Mark shirtless before, but god, there was something the actual act of taking it off…watching him peel off every inch to reveal slabs of meat under marbled skin. John still couldn’t believe that Mark had offered to spice up a game of pool by making it into strip pool.
“Now we’re even,” Mark smirked, chucking it aside.
John tried to act normal. “Yeah, I guess we are.” He fumbled with the pool cue, staring hard at the table.
“Got it there  John?”
“Yep. Just one two many beers I guess.”
“You seeing two balls instead of one there?” Mark laughed.
John felt his pants grow even tighter at the way Mark said the word “balls”. Would it sound that way, if he said it husky and breathless? Yeah baby, love the way my balls feel smacking against your tight ass… John lined up the shot and sent a striped ball ricocheting.
Mark laughed. “Man, I had no idea you were such a lightweight!”
“I guess I should have eaten earlier,” John muttered, passing the pool cue.
Mark took it. “Well you know the rule. Belt off.”
John sighed and undid it. It was quite a dilemma. In order to get Mark naked, he’d have to kick his ass in pool, but every time he won, he got more distracted by Mark’s loss of clothes. What a problem! He was working the belt in his hands, twisting it and lightly snapping the two parts together, worrying it as he pondered the situation. Then, something interested happened. Mark kept looking at him, distracted… and then he blew his shot. John raised an eyebrow. He looked at the belt in his hands, then up at Mark. Mark coughed, looking oddly red in the face.
“Your fuckery is contagious,” Mark said accusingly.
John felt a flame of lust flicker in his gut. If that meant what he thought he did… John grinned. “Maybe you should drink more.”
“Ohhh no no no,” Mark said quickly. “That, is a very bad idea. Your turn.”
“You first. You gotta take something off now.”
“I’m not wearing a belt,” Mark retorted.
“Lose your socks then.”
John snickered. They were both down to their pants now. John set his belt carefully on the edge of the pool table. Mark’s eyes followed it the entire time. John picked up the pool cue. Things were about to get much more interesting. He was finally going to get an answer if Mark preferred boxers or briefs.

John was not prepared for a jockstrap, or waking up on the pool table the next morning holding it in his hand.

Captions are fictional.


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