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Just showing off one outfit I wore at the Xmas PupSocial 2015.

“How did the yoga session go with your new pup?”
“It went well on principal. I made a mistake though.”
“What was that?”
I did not walk Barksy before I tried pup yoga with him. He was so wound up, it was hard for him to sit still or focus or stay in one position for too long.“
“Oh dear! Dealing with super excited puppies can be difficult. Do you think that you are going to continue to try to offer Master/pup yoga?”
"For sure. If crazy women can do it with their cats, then crazy men can do it with their pups. I am glad though that I figured out this issue before I opened up classes. Yoga will help the pups relax, but they need to be somewhat calm before they get there. It will be important that they are walked or milked before hand.“
"I can see your point. If there is sexual contact before hand, then there is a good chance that the boy will still feel close to his Master, and will be more obedient.”
Exactly! Also, there is one more thing I have to note for next time.“
"And what is that?”
“Do not leave an extra tennis ball in your duffle bag, because your boy will find it and his concentration will be totally shot.”
My friend laughed. I just had this image of a totally full yoga studio, and a tennis ball rolls into the room and all of the pups go running toward it!“
"That is exactly what would happen.” As if on cue, my boy trots into the room, freshly awakened from his nap. Barksy sniffs my hand then looks at me expectantly.“
"What does he want?” My friend asks.
“He wants the ball. He heard me say the words tennis ball and-”
“Bark bark bark!”
See? Told you. They are ball crazy. Yoga will only work if I can get their focus.“
"Makes sense. Well, good luck and sign me up for sure when you get it up and running.”
“For sure!”

Text is fictional.


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