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I was loading the dishwasher when I heard a very unusual noise. Well, the noise in itself wasn’t so unusual. It was very much like the sound of a dog barking. Matter of fact, I was almost sure that is that it was. But what made it so unusual, is that it sounded close. Matter of fact, it sounded like it was coming from inside of my house. This would not have alarmed me, except for the fact that I don’t own a dog. Complicating matters, my boyfriend was a pup in heart and mind… But last I checked he did not possess the magical ability to turn into a dog. Also, I know for a fact that his dog noises are good – but not that good. As if he heard me, I heard a series of barks that were distinctly his.

Confused, I washed my hands and dried them, then I put the towel over my shoulder and went to locate the source. It sounded like it was coming from the front of the house.

Sure enough, it was. When I turn down the hallway I could see my pup’s eager butt wagging in anticipation as he continued to bark at something. Then, I heard this strange realistic barking sound again. When I came into view, I was astonished. Sticking his head through our doggie door – it had come with the house – was a young puppy. A real puppy. I laughed. It looks so cute and helpless stuck there, wedged in the small rectangle. My boy was obviously delighted by his new furry friend. They were batting at each other; my boy was trying to hit the real dog on the head. The creature was enjoying the play, although he was very obviously stuck.
“My goodness,” I said. “Okay, hold on.”

Carefully, I opened the door and extracted the puppy out backwards. He did not have a collar, and appeared to be a little dirty. I took him inside, as it was cold outside, and when I et him down he launched himself at my boy and they began one of the most adorable displays of cuteness that I had ever seen, wrestling and playing with each other. The little dog must have been a Bern or some other large breed of dog, because it had quite large paws for its tiny size. I sat there watching, until they were both tired. I gave them water. Funny enough, I did not have any real dog food so the lucky thing got to get real scraps of ham from my fridge.

The little one stayed with us overnight, and he was not without company. He slept curled up with my boy in his bed. I honestly did not want to go to sleep, I just wanted to stare at them all night and let my teeth rot from how adorably sweet they were. The next day, I took the dog to a vet, and a scan revealed that it had a chip. When the owners were contacted, they explained that the dog was too much for them to handle with the baby; so when it got out, they just let it go. I was furious. Why would you adopt a dog with a baby on the way in the first place? The previous owner said that it had essentially been a free dog, handed over from a cousin who had a breeding practice, and the pup was deemed unfit for show. That only made me more angry. Plus the little dog had matted fur, and a parasite!

I did not even think twice about paying for its treatment. Matter of fact, it was starting to look like that little dog was going home with me too. Well, we would likely make a trip to the Groomer’s before we went home…

When I came home, carrying a happy, healthy, and clean little dog, my boyfriend went absolutely crazy that I let him keep the dog. I loved seeing him so happy, and I was relieved that he had someone to pup out with when I couldn’t be there for him.

People often compliment me on our beautiful dog Hojicha . Many people ask how we got him. A lot of people assume we paid a lot of money for him. Very few actually believe that our sweet dog simply walked up to her home and decided to adopt us. I’ve often found that the best things in life happen by accident. I had no idea my boy was into pup play until months after we began dating. At first, I thought it was weird, but he grew on me and now I find it charming and fun – and sexy. The best part is that I get to be the alpha of the pack. Having two dogs look up at you with love and trust when I get home is the favorite part of my day.

Captions are fictional.


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