Take Advantage of the time you have


So this isn’t exactly related to my blog but this is a realization after a tragic moment in my life.

You never know when something precious is going to get ripped away from you. This could be speaking to anyone across the HUMAN spectrum. It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, bi, trans, etc. Take advantage of the time you have with the people and other living things you have.

  • Doms/daddies: you don’t always have to be strict with all your partners. Sometimes be nice to them. Cuddle them, spoil them, and love them. You don’t know what the unknown higher power has in store for them. You don’t have to live your life in constant play. Act like a civil human being to those who submit to you. 
  • Subs/boys/littles: Love your Alphas, your Masters, your Daddies with all your hearts. But one thing to remember. If they are using you, get out of the relationship immediately. It is not worth your time to be in a relationship where you give unconditional care when they give none back. 

I’m sorry if some of what I said seems rather brash, but after what I just went through, this has got to be said.

Princess, my dear dear little biopup, I will always miss you. You were taken way too soon honey. I hope you have a very peaceful eternal sleep.

It was asked of me to reblog this. It never hurts to have a reminder to cherish what you have and love, and and not waste time on people who take advantage of you.


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