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“Thank you for returning him. When the report is filed, you shall receive your reward,” Master Torres says with a nod of his head.
“No, thank YOU Sir. The money is insignificant. I’m glad you got your boy back. Did he really run away? Didn’t seem to put much effort into it.”
“It’s more accurate to say he got out. He’s been mad at me a little cause I with-held his milking date cause he misbehaved and I found out. Also some jealousy issues. General frustration. And he’s not so good at communication. It happens sometimes with slaves. So they get out and go wandering around, only to realize an hour later that they are totally lost without their alpha there to guide them. There’s nowhere to go. Home is in my basement. Inevitably, as in this case, they wander toward the nearest area with lots of men and hopes someone knows what to do.”
“Ooohhh. Yeah it was pretty obvious what was going on once we realized no one was keeping an eye on him. It says ‘slave’ on his back too.”
“He often forgets its there,” Master Torres says with a soft chuckle.
“Well, in this case it helped.”
“Indeed. Thank you for calling the hotline, again. I’m now going to go take him home, feed the hungry welp, and punish the hell out of him for scaring me like that.”
“…Will he get milked?”
Master Torres tilts his head. “Maybe. Depends how he takes his whipping. Alright, boy let’s go.”
“Bye now, take care!”

I watch Master Torres escort his boy out, talking softly to him. I barely catch a glimpse of Master Torres kissing him softly on the cheek. I don’t think I was supposed to see that. I could tell he was really happy to get his boy back. I’ve heard horror stories of boys getting kidnapped. I’m glad I could be part of a happy ending. I set my duffel bag down and start to get ready for my work out. God, I wish I could afford to care for a slave one day! With this reward money, I’m even closer to the pricepoint. I feel invigorated. Life goals, life goals, man. 

Text is fictional.


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