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Spankings are not just a form of discipline. They are opportunity to explore the soul. They can allow a boy to express himself and release all of the feelings bottled up inside him. They can allow a Dom and sub form a bond that extends beyond the definition of words. Yes, it can be sexually exciting. Yes, it can push lines of desire. But it can offer so much more if you will only open yourself up to it.

From a young age we are taught spankings are authoritative. That only someone in charge gives out spankings. On top of this we learn that spankings are suppose to evoke an emotional response. This mentality carries with use though out childhood into our adult lives (Dom or sub).

A boy like me loves spankings because it reenforces that I’m not the person in charge. It allows me to give up control to someone who can handle all that control and power. It gives me a safe space to be powerless and vulnerable to external pain.

Thats a big part of the emotional aspect as well. Beyond just giving that person power, I’m giving them vulnerability. I am opening up to them in a way most people won’t ever see. I’m literally giving them me and putting myself in a situation where I may whine, kick, struggle, shout, and cry. I’m putting myself out there to open up emotionally and that is special. Special to me but more importantly it should be special for him.

Sir very good words and images Sir

Ok, those are some lovely, heart-felt words and all, but why has no one said anything about the jiggle on that as?? Goddamn! That boy’s ass exists to be spanked. Not spanking him would be sheer neglect of his purpose on this Earth.


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