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KC gawked at the photo on his phone and sent back a text response as fast as he could type: I have clearly made a huge mistake mocking you for your love of going to the gym and I apologize, as you clearly are a muscle bound god who must be worshipped appropriately.
After a few minutes, Jock182 replied: And how do you plan to do that?
KC responded: On my knees, and then later, however you want me. You are stronger and can manhandle me and put me in any position you like. You’ve seen my profile and know what I don’t do.
Jock182: I noticed it was a short list.
KC: Please sir, let me worship you.
Jock182: Pick me up from the gym today. I get really horny after a work out. I’ll send you an address. 
KC stared at the text message. TODAY? He would get some time alone with this incredibly hot stud today? Oh my god. It took him a couple tries to get a response out: Uh yeah sure. Totally. Send me the info. …You want me to help spot you on weights?
Jock182: Now that I think about it, sure, why not. Come be my gymfag. It’ll be fun. Oh, and don’t wear underwear. 
KC replied in the affirmative, then fumbled his phone trying to write more. He was too excited to write anything else, and immediately began packing a gym bag. He couldn’t wait.

Later that night, KC sank into bed blissfully sore. He knew tomorrow everything would ache. Jock, as KC was instructed to call him, put him through a full workout. KC was soon self-conscious over his lower cock flopping in his shorts, but it wasn’t long before didn’t care what anyone else thought. Hell, every time Jock groped him, KC felt so smug. He wanted people to see that such a stud like Jock has claimed him. Then, oh god, the things they did in the locker room… KC closed his eyes and imaged them again. Licking Jock’s abs with his tongue, cleaning the sweat from every groove. Peeling off those socks and kissing each toe. Sucking that veiny cock in the shower as water poured over them. Washing Jock from head to toe. Being forced against the wall and cleaned by Jock’s strong hands. Being fucked in the steamy shower room with the his cries echoing off the tile walls for anyone to hear. And did hear. KC recalled someone masturbating close by. So hot. KC reached for his cock under the sheets but refused to harden. It was worn out too. After the gym, they had gone to lunch. Jock made KC walk behind him and ordered for him. Also hot. Then they went back to Jock’s apartment…well, after that, it was a fog. Edging. Frustration. Sex. Cum.

So intense. So wonderful. KC fell asleep stroking himself and dreaming of next time. At least, he hoped there would be one. Jock had said, “Don’t be a stranger.” Oh god, why was he so hot??

Text is fictional.


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