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“Cassidy, it’s lunch time.”
“Mm. Don’t come too close to the hammock.”
“Why?” Giovanni asked, giving Cassidy a little push.
“Uh oh.”
“What?” Giovanni asked, smiling.
Cassidy reached out and grabbed his arm. “It’s got you.”
“The hammock monsster’s gotchoo now,” Cassidy said. “Run, Run Gio!”
Gio laughed. “What are you talking about?”
Cassidy pulled his boyfriend’s arm closer to him.
“Hey let go~”
“Nope, sorry can’t. The hammock monster has you.” He pulled Gio forward so he was off balance.
“Hey you’re going to make me fall!” But even as he said this, Giovanni was crawling into the hammock to keep himself from falling out of it.
“Save yourself Giovanni!”
“Cassidy~ No, stop. We’re going to flip!” Gio laughed. He found himself on top of his boyfriend, both of them struggling to stay balanced”
“The monster’s got you for good! You are a helpless prisoner!” 
Giovanni had to admit the monster had him good. Cassidy had wrapped his sweater-clad arms around him tight. They both tried to stifle laughter as their legs dueled for space. “I’m pretty stuck aren’t I?”
“See if you just listened to my warning…”
Giovanni chuffed. “You are silly. What  about lunch?”
“Mnn lunch. That’s a problem. You know the hammock monster is only satisfied by one thing right?”
“Cuddles,” Cassidy said matter-of-factly.
“Mmn, I think we can defeat this monster then.”
“Good,” Cassidy said, tightening his grip. “Cause you are so warm.” He nuzzled his boyfriend’s scalp. “Plus you smell good.”
Giovanni smiled. “You are so affectionate today.”
“Cause you’re adorable. And I cherish you. Now be quiet and let me snuggle you in peace. Lunch depends on it.”
Giovanni giggled again, “Ok Cassidy. For the sake of lunch.”

Text is fictional.


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