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I never show this photo to anyone. I quietly transfer it from computer to computer, phone to phone, but never show it to a soul. I think my face looks ridiculous but that is exactly how I felt that morning. I woke up and there was a cute, naked boy spread over my legs. It was that moment I remembered I was not a virgin anymore. I had slept with my boyfriend on prom night. I remember it being strange, and not what we expected it to be like, because we were so horny we couldn’t think straight. James seemed to know his way around his hole better than me, and he gave me great tips on how to stretch him. I think he was really really eager to be fucked by a real cock for the first time. I later found out James had quite a collection of dildos. 

But wow. Sex! I couldn’t believe I had done it. It was an amazing, visceral thing. And to top it off, I woke up with this adorable creature snuggling me like a koala. Even though I was 18 and my world was very small, I still think that was one of the best things to ever happen to me though. So hot, so torrid. Just how it’s supposed to be – a fumbling, sweaty fuck between lovey-dovey teenagers. 

I was awake before James was though and found myself pretty stuck. I didn’t want to get up. So, I did what I could do – take a photo. That was the first photo of me as a man. I was a boy no more. 

I wonder what James would think of this photo. Maybe I can find him on Facebook. He has a pretty distinct last name. Aaand there it is. Damn, he got even hotter in college. Oh hey, it says he’s single. Well that doesn’t have mean anything. I’ll just…send him a message here. He probably won’t – oh wow he responded right away. Hey James, how have you been?

Text is fictional.


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